We ask our volunteers to write a round-up of what they have been up to over the previous month.

The main edits I have been working on this month have been the Pam Prisk 8mm and Hi8 films of various events in the late 1990’s.  I love learning the video editing software and now feel quite confident I can get a good result from some not-so-good film.  It helps that the footage is fascinating and I have covered many events I knew nothing about.


A favourite was the Gorsedh Ceremony at Marazion in 1995.  http://cornishmemory.com/archives/view/AV-MIS-2015-000004 I knew nothing of such a ceremony and it has been a fascinating journey into Cornish history.


The Obby Oss festival in Padstow in 1997 http://cornishmemory.com/archives/view/V-MIS-2015-000005  was certainly unusual with a strange figure wearing a table top dancing round the streets.


My favourite short footage is of the car cemetery at Roche in 1961 courtesy of Penny Trethewey http://cornishmemory.com/archives/view/V-MIS-2015-000013.  It is hard to imagine how the Council agreed to the disposal of these  cars into an abandoned clay pit.  Health and Safety was certainly no issue as you watch the men teetering on the edge of the pit, pushing the cars down.  Environmental sustainment was no issue either – it was just wrong on so many levels!


Through the duration of the month I have also been working towards the qualification in digital archiving and have completed unit 1 on Imaging Software.  Now I have gained experience with the various video editing software, I hope to complete unit 2 within the next month.