The Azook team took to the road with the digitisation trailer at the Trevithick Day celebrations in Camborne on Saturday 25 April. mobile studio on Bassett Street mobile studio on Bassett Street


We were very fortunate to be allocated a prime spot on Bassett Street which ensured that we captured a tremendous amount of passing visitors. The team had selected a vast array of pictures and material that was relevant to Camborne and the surrounding area. This included a number of particularly rare scans of a set of glass plate slides from the late 19th century showing scenes from the mining industry.

Bassett Road  - busy day of visitors to!

Bassett Road – busy day of visitors to!

We would like to thank the Trevithick Society for accommodating us and affording us excellent position also the Nail Fairy who provided us with electricity.

Azook CIC is a not for profit organisation, please visit our Home Page if you would like to donate and support this very important heritage preservation work.