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"Efficient" with its catch. Image ref: STE_1_023E

MemoryFish Community Day in Newlyn, Saturday 22nd August

We will be taking our MemoryFish archive and photographic exhibition to the Seafood Cornwall Training Hub on the Strand in Newlyn on Saturday. The photographs have been collected…

"Fern" Ref: STE_2_084E

Fal River Festival hosts MemoryFish Community Day!

The Azook team were in Falmouth for the Fal River Festival in Events Square on 29 May 2015; this was to deliver a Community Engagement Event as part…

New fishing history photo collection collected by the MemoryFish project

One of the most famous names in Cornish fishing is W. Stevenson and Sons of Newlyn. The Stevensons have been fishing out of Newlyn for over 100 years….

MemoryFish Roadshow at the Falmouth Festival

The Azook CIC team will be out and about on Friday 29 May at the Falmouth Festival. As part of our MemoryFish project, funded by Cornwall & Isles… Roadshow at the Royal Cornwall Show

Azook CIC will again be running our digitisation studio at the Royal Cornwall Show this year. We will have the full archive with us some 26,000 images…

Hull freezer trawler 'Arctic Buccaneer' HI88 – Boyd Line - anchored in Mounts Bay.

MemoryFish – first photos

Our MemoryFish project is now well underway, and we have digitised over 900 photos relating to Cornwall’s fishing industry. The photos have come from a mixture of private…

Photo albums

MemoryFish begins gathering historic fishing photos

The MemoryFish project has so far been office-based as we make contact with collection holders, plan events, and ready our workflows. That was until last week, when Claire,…

Stylised version of "Bounteous" and "Crazy Diamond", Newlyn Harbour, 1980

Exciting New Project: MemoryFish

Fishing communities have experienced and continue to experience changes in terms of what they catch, how they fish, and the way members of the community are brought together…